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100% Natural Vegetable and herb in containers fertilizer 4-2-8

100% Natural Vegetable and herb in containers fertilizer 4-2-8

Acti-Sol SKU:42835


  • Improves flower bud formation for more abundant vegetable production
  • Nitrogen promotes plant growth and helps stems and leaves grow
  • No soil or compost is added to the product and contains more than 50% organic matter to improve soil quality
  • Recognized as compliant for organic farming by Ecocert Canada and Quebec Vrai
  • The potassium in the fertilizer helps the plant's resistance to diseases and water stress

100% natural sprinkle-on organic fertilizer, made from chicken manure, feather meal, sulfate of potash and marine algae. Ideal for vegetables, fruits and herbs and even edible flowers in pots or planters, on the balcony, under a window or the terrace. Can be used for all types of vegetables such as leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach), stem vegetables (celery, Swiss chard), root vegetables (carrots, beets), fruiting vegetables (eggplant, cucumbers , tomatoes, squash) and many others. Quebec product Use: - Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers: Sprinkle directly on the soil 33 g (3 tbsp.) per plant - Fine herbs, lettuce and beans: Sprinkle directly on the soil 22 g (2 tbsp.) per 61 cm (24 inches) of container Apply once every 4 weeks


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