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Square foot gardening of vegetables and herbs

Would you like to grow your own vegetables, aromatic plants and herbs, but you only have a small apartment balcony, part of a roof terrace, or even just a paved area outside? No worries! You can be part of a growing trend: become an urban gardener and embrace container growing.

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What is square foot gardening

Square foot gardening was developed to optimize space and convenience. It consists of dividing a growing area into small square sections. For example: divide the space in a 60 x 90 cm raised bed planter into six 30 cm squares.

If you decide to make your raised beds yourself, be sure to use wood that has not been treated with any chemicals. Also, limit the surface area to a maximum of 120 x 120 cm (16 squares) so you can easily reach the middle.

Why grow a square vegetable garden - the pros and cons


  • optimizes all available space
  • grow in a small space, such as small courtyards, the patio and even the balcony
  • easy to maintain since everything is close
  • allows you to choose the location


  • not suitable for all vegetables and herbs
  • initial investment to consider

Best plant for square foot gardening

  • Include a vegetable plant in every square, as well as a fruit plant and an herb according to the space requirements for each plant.
  • Use a potting mix designed for container growing to increase water retention and maximize growth.
Small PlantsLarge plants
radishes15 to 25cabbage1
carrots9 to 16brocoli1
onions9 to 16cauliflower1
spinach9pepper1 (with a stake)
beats9eggplant1 (with a stake)
chard4strawberry1 (with support)
lettuce2 to 5tomato1 (with a stake)
parsley4cucumber2 (with support)