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Seedlings – Favourite container candidates

Nearly all vegetables can be grown in containers, it’s true, but you need to consider the depth of their root systems in order to select the most suitable type of container. If you plant regular carrot seeds in a shallow container, you might be disappointed with the results!

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Seeds are key

The excitement of new seeds

Containers: shallow but wide (15 to 20 cm high)

Leafy vegetables are ideal for this type of container.

Dwarf Blue Kale

This heirloom variety is one of the best-looking end-of-season vegetables, and one of the hardiest. Compact plants produce an abundance of crinkly blue-green leaves. Packed with goodness!

New-Zealand Spinach

Produces an abundance of small, slightly fuzzy green leaves with a mild bitter-sweet taste. Productive all summer long without going to seed. Soak seeds before planting.

Organic Boston Lettuce

One of the first plants to pop their heads out of the garden, Boston lettuce is hardier than you'd think. Crispy and delicious, easy to grow. Enjoy all summer.

Container height: 20 to 40 cm, minimum

The vegetables below with average root systems will do well in containers of this size.

Patio Snacker Cucumber

Compact, climbing plant. Prolific producer of crisp, delicious cucumbers, 20 cm long and not at all bitter. Perfect for container-growing.

Little Finger Carrots

The king of the baby carrot! Smooth orange skins, tender, delicious, and very sweet. Great for container growing.

Little Crunch Container Snap Peas

Variety developed specifically for container-growing. Vines grow quickly, producing lots of chubby, crunchy and sweet pods. As snacks or in stir-frys. Compact plants.

Container height: 40 to 50 cm, minimum

The extent of the root systems of the following plants implies a large, tall container. Also, since plants grow "up," leave a space 80-140cm above your container(s) and provide stakes when necessary.

Pear Tomato, red or yellow

Prolific heirloom variety producing pear-shaped, sweet and mild tomatoes. Vigorous, determinate plants, ideal for containers where space is at a premium.

Sweet'n Neat Cherry Tomato - red or yellow

Very small, ultra-compact determinate tomato plant. Ideal for container-growing, or even window-sill growing! Sweet and juicy fruit all summer long.

Sweet Jungle Parrot Pepper

Small size and high yields make this a great space-saving plant for patio containers. Peppers start out green then ripen to red and can be eaten at either stage. Sweet and delicious, even kids will love them!