Ask a gardening expert!

Useful tips for a healthy garden

The environment in your garden is continually evolving, from seasonal shifts to major changes. It is vital that you carefully observe your garden and property; your landscape design may depend on it! You need to act at the appropriate time and do the right things at the right moments. Our trained BOTANIX professionals are always learning about new techniques and products to stay ahead of any problems you’re likely to encounter in your garden. You will find a team of professionals ready to help you and resource people equipped to guide you in your choices in order to obtain spectacular and healthy landscaping.


Services include:

  • Conferences and workshops: current information concerning gardening and landscape design just a few minutes away from home. Contact the BOTANIX Garden Centre nearest you for details and a schedule of upcoming activities.
  • Soil analysis: understanding your soil is key to choosing the right plants, effective products, and providing the appropriate care. Bring in a soil sample to your BOTANIX Centre; we’ll send it to our lab to be analysed and you’ll receive a comprehensive report.

Know everything there is about Soil Analysis

  • Plant health and disease identification: insects, disease and other problems in your gardens? Go to your BOTANIX Garden Centre to meet with an expert who can help you to resolve the situation definitively.

Landscaping design and application

Creating a landscape design can represent a major investment far beyond the choice of plants. Do you want to create a living environment that meets your needs and tastes and embraces current trends? This is no time to improvise! There is a lot to consider, including our evolving climate. Opt for plants that are easy to maintain and resistant to the caprices of Mother Nature. Good planning will help you avoid all kinds of problems and pitfalls. Entrust your landscaping projects to your local BOTANIX Garden Centre.

  • Pavers: elegant and timeless, pavers have a lot going for them. For a durable installation, a BOTANIX team will ensure professional results.
  • Outdoor lighting: for the finishing touch to your glorious landscape design, a well-thought-out lighting design is essential.
  • Garden decor: carefully chosen accessories are one of the most effective ways to create a unique visual impact. BOTANIX professionals have their inventory at the tip of their fingers and will be able to propose original ideas and items for you to use.

Landscaping and outdoor design – plan for success!

Exceptional customer service

BOTANIX Garden Centres offer a wide range of services that can make your life so much easier. They can help you save time, equip you with the right tools for your projects, or just simplify your life.

  • Landscape maintenance: entrust your landscaping maintenance to an expert with a lot of “green” experience, who can both save you some time and provide your plants with the best care possible.
  • Tree pruning: to properly prune your trees, your local BOTANIX Garden Centre can send experience employees with the right tools and knowledge to perform the task.
  • Home delivery: all the products you choose at the Garden Centre can be delivered right to your door. Forget about finding enough space in your car or the countless trips back and forth to unload everything.
  • Rental of tools and accessories: access a huge range of tools and specialized equipment for your projects.
  • Snow removal: enjoy a clear entrance and driveway all winter long.
  • Planting: check with your local Garden Centre to see if they offer a delivery and planting service for trees and other plants. Beautiful results and time in your pocket!
  • Floristry

    Several BOTANIX Garden Centres provide a unique floristry service. You can choose from original floral arrangements and bouquets for every occasion: to delight a special person in your life, make your mother smile, comfort a friend, decorate a wedding or enhance special occasions. Drop by your local BOTANIX florist. You can also order directly online from participating Garden Centres.

  • Everything Christmas!

    Awaken your inner child and immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas. Participating BOTANIX Garden Centers take Christmas celebrations to a new level by creating absolutely enchanting decors. Decorative accessories, all kinds of lights, ribbons, festive plants. The Christmas Space at your local BOTANIX Garden Center is a lot more than Christmas trees. It’s a magical fantasy world and a feast for the eyes! When you opt for professional services in designing and installing personalized Christmas decor, the wow factor is guaranteed!