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Plan a vegetable garden in your backyard

Before going to the garden center and getting out your gardening tools, plan the layout of your vegetable garden. Location is one of the most important factors that go into the success of a garden project. Whether in the ground, in planters or in container on the terrace, know that the needs vary from one plant to another.

Examine your property

  • observe the course of the sun and identify full sun, partial shade and shaded areas
  • identify open spaces, but protected from prevailing winds;
  • locate the roots of trees and shade they cast

Test your soil

If you plan to grow in the ground, do a soil test. To be productive, the soil must be balanced, rich in nutrients and above all well drained. The analysis will allow you to adjust as needed.

Choose your vegetables, herbs and other plants

  • Create zones and group plants with the same requirements in sunlight or water.
  • Integrate and use structures in places such as fences, terrace, shed, to cultivate climbing plants.

Make sure you have

  • access to a source of water (rain barrel and garden hose)
  • storage for your gardening tools
  • a compost bin