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Fertilize your lawn - a program for a green and healthy lawn

Lawn grasses are nourished by solar energy and by taking water and required minerals from the ground. Fertilizing makes up for nutritional shortfalls in the soil and provides all the nutrients it needs to resist wear, cold, insect attacks and disease.

Among soil elements that grass needs, three are essential in considerable quantities:

Nitrogen: pro m otes grass growth and greening.
Phosphorus: promotes rooting and disease resistance.
Potassium: increases disease- and cold-resistance; fosters reserves.

Percentages of these three elements are indicated by a three-figure code on the wrapping. Thus 10-4-8 would be 10% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus and 8% potassium.

A four-step program - synthetic fertilizers

This selection of nutrients has a proven track record. These synthetic fertilizers are created by specialists to meet lawn grass needs. They're mostly mineral elements that are quickly assimilated by the plant. Most of the nitrogen, though, is released gradually so it's available between applications. It's very important to respect the prescribed doses on packaging. Too much could burn roots and low er the percentage of organic material in the soil. The mineral salts that are not absorbed by the grass can be picked up by rain or watering and carried into water courses and the water table.

1st step 2nd step 3rd step 4th step
Nitrogen rich, it's perfect for rapid grass growth in early spring. 40% of the nitrogen is slow-release, so it's available to the grass for about six weeks. Constant fertilizing ensures stability of growth and greening. Iron and magnesium support dense grass and uniform colour. This balanced formula helps grass build a reserve and resist difficult midsummer conditions. This is the most important step: preparing your lawn for winter. It promotes root development and reserves that will kick-start your grass the following spring.


A four-step program - 100% natural

The 100% natural program poses no danger to humans, domestic animals, flora or fauna, and it protects the life of the soil. It's also easy to apply. The benefits become clearer in the medium and long-term, so be patient, long-term soil quality improvements will soon become visible.

This 100% natural lawn fertilizer not only has the three essential ingredients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), but it also contains organic material and important micro nutrients that improve plant beauty and safety, such as iron and calcium.

1st & 2nd step 3rd step 4th step
7-3-1 + 1% Fe (iron)
4-4-9 + 1% Fe (iron)
Improves soil structure and water retention, increases levels of organic material, and encourages soil life. The nitrogen helps quick spring greening. Regular application of organic material helps grass realize its full development potential. Balanced fertilization allows the grass to continue growing. Soil micro-organisms provide increased resistance to dry spells. This step boosts your grass'resistance to the rigours of winter and disease, thanks to its natural potassium. It enables the grass to shore up reserves for the next spring.


These soil-fixed fertilizers are not washed away by rain or normal watering. Since such losses are minimized, there's less risk of polluting water courses and water tables. Minerals that aren't immediately absorbed by the roots stay in the soil for future use.

Before using a soil amendment, fertilizer, or pesticide, always read the product label and follow the manufaturer's recommendations. Pay particular attention to the instructions for use, precautions to be taken before, during and after using the product, and recommendations regarding storage.