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Polythene grow tunnel and weather protection

Polythene grow tunnel and weather protection

JardineriesBotanix SKU:3084040

  • Cerceaux en acier galvanisé
  • UV stabilized
  • Real custom-made mini greenhouse
  • Protects the plants
  • Ensures good ventilation

Protects plantations and crops from frost, cold, wind and bad weather. Creates a warm environment that stimulates plant growth earlier. Retains moisture and reduces the frequency and need for watering. Simple design with flexible galvanized steel wire hoops. Stretches like an accordion. Easy ventilation and plant access through the elastic end closures. Premium materials for extended life: 150 micron commercial grade polythene and high quality stitching. Resistant to UV rays.



118"L x 24"W x 18"H

Coverage area


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