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Sprouts and microgreens 'Broccoli Rabb' - Seeds

Sprouts and microgreens 'Broccoli Rabb' - Seeds

W.H. Perron SKU:69-9503-502


  • Organic seeds
  • Sowing date: January and December

Broccoli sprouts with a strong taste, perfect to spice up any meal. High content of vitamins and minerals. They can have a stimulating effect on your body and help facilitate your digestion. Growing method: - Pre-soak: 8-12 hours. - Rinsing and draining (per day): 2-3 times. - Production time: 2-3 days (sprouts) and 8 -10 days (microgreens). - Yield (ratio by weight) 5:1 (sprouts) and 3:1 (microgreens)


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