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Botanix Low-maintenance grass seed

Botanix Low-maintenance grass seed

Botanix SKU:18417


  • Contains fast-germinating grasses
  • Requires less mowing, fertilizing and watering
  • Increased resistance to drought and defoliating insects thanks to endophytes
  • Seed mix adapted for Quebec
  • Suitable for semi-shaded areas

Botanix Low-maintenance lawn seed is a CANADA No. 1 lawn mix. It contains fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.

This mixture is suitable for Quebec. It contains grass species capable of being colonized by an endophyte; a beneficial fungus that lives naturally inside certain grasses and grows in the stems.

It thus provides greater resistance to defoliating insects and drought.

This type of seed requires less mowing, fertilizing and watering.

This mixture includes:

  • 35% Hard fescue: extreme drought tolerance and good winter resistance, very fine and dense foliage
  • 20% Chewing Fescue: naturally repels insects
  • 17% Kentucky bluegrass (Kentucky): very resistant, it has good regeneration power and tolerates hot climates; coarse foliage that resists trampling
  • 15% Creeping red fescue: fine foliage and undemanding grass; tolerates short and frequent cuts well
  • 13% Perennial ryegrass: robust and resistant, it serves as the basis for several seed mixtures. Installs quickly and resists trampling well


Coverage area

Apply the fertilizer to the soil at a rate of 4kg/100m².

Application rate:
New lawn: 1kg covers 30m² (323ft²)
Plate repair: 1kg covers 30m² (323ft²)
Annual overseeding: 1kg covers 60m² (646ft²)

New lawn: 3kg covers 90m² (969ft²)
Plate repair: 3kg covers 90m² (969ft²)
Annual overseeding: 3kg cover 180m² (1938ft²)

New lawn: 10kg covers 300m² (3230ft²)
Plate repair: 10kg covers 300m² (3230ft²)
Annual overseeding: 10kg cover 600m² (6460ft²)


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