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Scotts Grub B Gon® MAX grub and bettle killer

Scotts Grub B Gon® MAX grub and bettle killer

Scotts SKU:4731010


  • Several periods of application: Spring (April - end of May), Summer (end of June-beginning of August), Autumn (end of August - beginning of September)
  • Easy to use
  • Suits for every kind of grass
  • Natural active ingredient
  • Lutte contre toute une gamme de vers blancs, y compris le scarabée japonais, le scarabée de mai ou de juin, le hanneton européen

Works to effectively control beetle grubs that cause turf damage Controls a range of beetle grubs, including Japanese beetle, May or June beetles, European chafer, and more. Active ingredient: Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. galleriae strain SDS-502, Powerful Bt active allows for multiple applications during the season: USE: SPRING (April – late May): Apply after ground has thawed to control over-wintering grubs that are now migrating to the surface to feed on the roots. SUMMER (late June – early August): Apply to control newly hatched grub larvae. Should be applied within 2-3 weeks of peak timing for adult beetles. FALL (late August – September): Apply to help control new grubs that have hatched from new beetle eggs throughout the summer. This will help to protect the turf from over-wintering grubs and lessen the impact and quantity of grubs the following spring.



Coverage area

"1.4kg covers 125 m² (1340 ft²)
3.08kg covers 275 m² (2960 ft²)"


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