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100% Natural Tree, shrub, hedge and conifer fertilizer

100% Natural Tree, shrub, hedge and conifer fertilizer

Acti-Sol SKU:31924


  • Excellent also for fruit trees
  • Recognized as compliant for organic farming by Ecocert Canada and Quebec Vrai
  • Helps with the formation of sugars and those of fruits
  • Improves the circulation of raw and elaborated sap
  • Helps prepare plants to better survive the winter

100% natural granular fertilizer made from chicken manure and natural sulfate of potash. This fertilizer is ideal for applying to deciduous trees, small and large, shrubs, conifers and hedges. It is also excellent for fruit trees. Fertilizer for trees, shrubs, hedges and conifers is spread differently from other fertilizers. Since the roots feed through their ends, the granules must be buried in holes dug a certain distance from the trunk. Quebec product. Use: - Large deciduous trees (broadleaf trees and conifers): DOSE: Spread 90 g per 2.5 cm of trunk diameter (1/2 cup/1 in) Under the perimeter of the branches farthest from the trunk, drill holes 15 cm (5 in) deep into the ground every 30 cm (12 in) apart. Distribute the dose of fertilizer in the holes and cover with soil. - Shrubs and hedges: Under the perimeter of the branches furthest from the trunk, spread on the surface of the soil, 90 g (1/2 cup) per shrub or 1.5 kg per 7.5 linear meters of hedge. Apply once in May and again in September. -Conifers: Fertilize additionally at the end of July to promote hardening, i.e. in preparation for winter.


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