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100% Natural Plant starter with bone meal 4-10-2

100% Natural Plant starter with bone meal 4-10-2

Acti-Sol SKU:42763


  • High level of organic matter which activates soil micro-organisms
  • Recognized as compliant for organic farming by Ecocert Canada and Quebec Vrai
  • No soil or compost is added to the product and contains more than 50% organic matter to improve soil quality
  • Contains at least 4% calcium to promote root production
  • Bone meal helps root development

100% natural granular fertilizer made from chicken manure and ground bones. This fertilizer is ideal for all plantings, transplants or seeding of plants. Bone meal stimulates root development. Perfect for planting perennials, shrubs or bulbs. This fertilizer contains at least 4% calcium. Quebec product Use: - Annuals, perennials, rose bushes and flowering shrubs: Mix 2/3 cup per m² or 3 tbsp. at the table for boxes of 8 plants or 1/3 cup per plant for original 10cm pots - Bulbs: Mix 18 g (1 ½ tbsp) with soil under each bulb. - Lawn - sowing or laying turf: Spread 1.5kg per 25 m² (3.3 lb/270 ft²) on the surface, before or after sowing or laying turf. - For optimal results, mix the fertilizer with the soil before transplanting


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