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100% Natural Multi-purpose fertilizer from pur dried and granulated chicken manure 5-3-2

100% Natural Multi-purpose fertilizer from pur dried and granulated chicken manure 5-3-2

Acti-Sol SKU:53235


  • Recognized as compliant for organic farming by Ecocert Canada and Quebec Vrai
  • Helps repel squirrels and skunks in dry weather
  • Contains a good dose of nitrogen promoting the growth of the plant and helping the growth of stems and leaves
  • Rich in calcium, an essential element for the development of plant cells
  • Dehydrated and granulated, containing a minimum of 90% dry matter

100% natural granular fertilizer made from pure dehydrated and granulated 5-3-2 chicken manure. All-purpose natural fertilizer for lawns, vegetable gardens, flowers, fruit trees or hedges. The fine granules allow rapid dissolution. This fertilizer contains more than 50% organic matter and does not contain any potting soil or compost. Acti-Sol multi-purpose fertilizer has a repellent effect on squirrels that love bulbs! Quebec product Use: - Flowers and flowerbeds: At the start of the season. New seedlings: Incorporate 80 g/m² (1/2 cup/11 ft²) into the soil with a rototiller, spade or rake. Already established: Spread on surface 40 g/m² (1/4 cup/11 ft²) - Bulbs: Mix 30 g (3 tbsp.) with soil under each bulb or spread 120 g/m² (3/4 cup/11 ft²) on the surface - Vegetable garden and garden: When preparing the soil in spring. Spread 120 g/m² (3/4 cup/11 ft²). Apply in May before sowing. Incorporate into the soil and sow. Use 4-5-7 or 4-6-8 fertilizer afterwards - Lawn - seeding or laying lawn plates: Spread 10 kg/100 m² (22 lb/1000 ft²) - Lawn - maintenance: Spread 5 to 10 kg/100 m² (11-22 lb/1000 ft²) in early spring. Repeat in May, June and September. - Hedges: Apply 10 kg at the base over 50 linear m of hedge. Apply in May and early July.


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Un sac de 10kg couvre jusqu'à 200 mètres carrés, Un sac de 20kg couvre jusqu'à 400 mètres carrés


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