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100% natural Acadie fish hydrolyzate fertilizer

100% natural Acadie fish hydrolyzate fertilizer

Acti-Sol SKU:POISS500


  • Trace elements and chelated minerals therefore available immediately to plants
  • Improves general plant health and helps correct deficiencies
  • Increases sugar levels and makes fruits, vegetables and herbs tastier
  • Compost activator as it helps the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Recognized as compliant for organic farming by Ecocert Canada and Quebec Vrai

100% natural fertilizer is made from several varieties of fresh fish. This fertilizer is obtained using the cold hydrolysis process which keeps all the amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and natural growth hormones from fish. Helps to quickly correct deficiencies and ideal when transplanting to improve soil fertility and nutrient absorption. Perfect for seed or recent transplants. Uses: 2 tbsp. teaspoon per liter of water for foliar watering or directly on the ground


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