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Living Stone Plant

Living Stone Plant


  • Soleil

Bloom time

  • Septembre
  • Octobre
  • Novembre

  • Unique
  • Original
  • Looks like a rock
  • Demanding care
  • Non-toxic

There is a lot to say about this very special plant. Although it is ''simple'', you need to know its growth cycle well, because watering at the wrong time can be fatal. It grows in dry, rocky places in Africa, and its rocky appearance is camouflage to protect against herbivorous pastures. It is composed of two fleshy, semi-circular leaves with a slit in the center. The end is either flattened or domed, and has small translucent 'windows' to receive the light of the blazing sun, without burning. In the fall, a single flower, quite large, about 2 cm, resembling a daisy, which can be yellow, white or pink, emerges from the slit. It comes out in the afternoon and closes in the evening. After flowering, the plant goes dormant to prepare to grow new leaves. Following this, a new pair of leaves will emerge, and the old leaves will die. At this stage it is important not to water it, so after flowering no water. We start again in the spring, around April. In summer, it will go dormant, so we stop watering. No watering in July-August, unless the leaves start to shrivel, then a small amount of water can be given. We will start watering again in September, or when the crack in the center forms and enlarges, a sign that it is preparing to flower, and we start again. Basically, it's important not to water all winter and spring. We must wait until the old leaves are completely dried out. The Lithop will need at least 4 hours of sun per day, and a few hours of shade in the afternoon.

Plant details


- cm
1 - 13 cm
- 3 cm
- in.
1 - 5 in.
- 1 in.



Flowering colours:

  • Blanc
  • Jaune
  • Rose

Plant needs


  • Laisser sécher complètement


  • Exigeant

Soil requirement:

  • Bien drainé
  • terreau pour plantes grasses et cactus



  • Sécheresse



  • Pot
  • Fenêtre


  • Apparence de roche

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