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Herbionik Wildflower seeds Flowering Meadow

Herbionik Wildflower seeds Flowering Meadow

Gloco SKU:4001321

  • Promotes biodiversity
  • Help pollinators
  • Add some color
  • No need for mowing
  • Requires little maintenance

Transform your garden by adding a sunny touch to your terraces, flower beds and flower fields.
Each mixture of floral seeds will prove to be a true awakening for the senses, punctuating your natural space with delicate scents and invigorating colors.
This mix contains 17 varieties of popular annuals, biennials and perennials to ensure an abundance of color from May to October.
  • Source of savings: Reduction of areas to be mown.
  • Contribution to sustainable management and promote biodiversity: Ideal mix to create a habitat conducive to pollinators whose presence is vital for agriculture and humans.
  • Promote the return of nature to the city: An exceptional visual effect, ideal for flower lovers.

Contains: 125 g of wildflowers and 375 g of substrate.


1) The surface must have been cleared of all debris, rocks and piles of earth. Dig to a depth of 10 cm (4 inches) then level the ground.
2) Shake the bag to thoroughly mix the seeds and the substrate. Broadcast the mixture, cover with a thin layer of soil of approximately 6 mm (1/4 inch)
3) Water regularly so that the seedbed is moist and not saturated with water, until the seedlings are established, then occasionally in summer



Coverage area

Coverage new sowing: 500 g covers 25 m² / 265 ft²


20% Lupinus perennis
15% Gypsophila elegans
10% Cheitranthus allinoii
10% Helianthus annuus
7% Coreopsis tinctoria
6% Centurea cyanus
5% Delphinum consolida
5% Echinacea purpurea
4% Linum rubrum
4% Silene armeria
3% Coreopsis lanceolata
3% Eschscholzia californica
2% Chrysanthenum macimum
2% Papaver rhoeas
2% Rudbeckia hirta *I
1% Gaillardia aristata
1% Linaria maroccana

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