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Herbionik White clover seed

Herbionik White clover seed

Gloco SKU:4000012


  • Fight against soil erosion (embankment, undergrowth).
  • Ideal companion to several lawn grasses.
  • Tolerates drought, short mowing and adapts to poor soils.
  • Flowering from June to October.
  • Adapts to mowing height.

This white clover seed is recommended for sowing with lawn grasses.
This clover easily adapts to mowing height. It flowers from June to October.
White Clover is part of the legume family* so it lives in symbiosis with your lawn since it provides nitrogen which your lawn loves.
  • It attracts pollinators.
  • It prefers cool, slightly moist soils.
  • It is excellent for combating soil erosion (embankment, undergrowth).
  • It tolerates drought, short mowing and adapts to poor soils.
  • Its growth is slow and spreads by stolons.

* Legumes fix atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen that can be assimilated by the roots via nodules associated with rootlets. Characteristic specific to the legume family

100% white clover coated at 34%
Polymer coating SAFE for pollinators


Coverage area

New sowing cover:
750 g covers 75 m² / 800 ft²
2 kg covers 200 m² / 2,150 ft²
Reseeding coverage:
750 g covers 700 m² / 7,535 ft²
2 kg covers 1,860 m² / 20,020 ft²


100% white clover coated at 34%Polymer coating SAFE for pollinators

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