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Lawn Fertilizer 4 Steps - Step #1 - Botanix

Lawn Fertilizer 4 Steps - Step #1 - Botanix

Botanix SKU:ENGPP21.2.4BO10


  • Part of a 4-step program
  • Provides rapid greening after winter
  • Contains slow-release nitrogen to promote a green lawn without patchiness and burn
  • Easy to use
  • This fertililizer provides nutrients to resist wear, cold, harmful insects and diseases

Having proven themselves, these synthetic fertilizers have been developed by specialists according to the needs of lawn grasses. They are concentrated in mineral elements and quickly assimilated by the plant. Much of the nitrogen they contain is released gradually so that it is available between applications.

It is very important to respect the doses prescribed on the packaging. An excess can burn the roots and lower the level of organic matter in the soil.

Mineral salts that are not absorbed by the lawn can be leached by rain or irrigation water and carried into watercourses and groundwater.

When to use:
  • 1st stage: April-May 21-2-4
  • Wait between 4 to 6 weeks between each step. 

Rich in nitrogen, this step promotes the rapid development of the lawn. 40% of the nitrogen is slow released for almost six weeks.

  • Use a spreader for uniform distribution and to make 2 passes. The first perpendicular to the second, taking care to spread only half of the required quantity in each pass.
  • To speed up the release of nutrients, water your lawn when your fertilizer is applied.

In the event of an accidental spill on the lawn, scrape the fertilizer to spread it on the ground.


Coverage area

Apply the fertilizer to the soil at a rate of 3.3kg/100m².
10kg covers up to 300m² (3200ft²)
20kg covers up to 600m² (6400ft²)


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