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100% Natural Lawn Fertilizer 7-3-1 + 1% Fe (iron) - Step #1 and #2

100% Natural Lawn Fertilizer 7-3-1 + 1% Fe (iron) - Step #1 and #2

Botanix Natur SKU:BOT73112


  • 100% natural
  • Contains organic matter and important trace elements like iron and calcium
  • Part of an easy-to-apply 4-step program
  • Improves the quality and richness of the soil
  • Protects soil life

This 100% natural fertilizer program is safe for humans, pets, wildlife and protects soil life. It is also easy to apply.

Step #1 and #2 improves soil structure and water retention, increases organic matter levels and awakens soil life. Nitrogen helps rapid green-up in spring. Regular supply of organic matter allows the lawn to reach its full development potential.

When to use:
  • April-May-June 
  • Use a spreader for uniform distribution and to make 2 passes. The first perpendicular to the second, taking care to spread only half of the required quantity in each pass.
  • To speed up the release of nutrients, water your lawn after your fertilizer is applied.
  • Wait between 4 to 6 weeks between each step.

In the event of an accidental spill on the lawn, scrape the fertilizer to spread it on the ground.

The beneficial effects are felt gradually in the medium and long term. It therefore requires a little more patience, but sustainably improves the quality and richness of the soil. In addition to the three essential elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, this 100% natural lawn fertilizer contains organic matter and important trace elements, such as iron and calcium, which improve beauty and health grass. These fertilizers fixed in the soil are not leached by rainwater or normal watering. As losses are minimized, there is little risk of pollution of waterways and groundwater. Minerals that are not immediately absorbed by the roots are held in reserve in the soil.


Coverage area

Apply the fertilizer to the soil at a rate of 4kg/100m²
12kg covers up to 300m² (3200ft²)


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