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Botanix 20-20-20 All Purpose Water Soluble Fertilizer

Botanix 20-20-20 All Purpose Water Soluble Fertilizer

Botanix SKU:153015BO500


  • Makes foliage denser and more vibrant
  • Acts quickly
  • Easily used throughout the season
  • Ensures vigorous growth
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants

This all-purpose liquid fertilizer makes plant foliage dense and vibrant with health. It provides balanced fertilization for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Liquid fertilizers work faster than granular fertilizers. Although it is necessary to prepare the solution, it is easily used throughout the season as a maintenance fertilizer.

  • Apply liquid fertilizers to the base of the plants, avoiding the foliage.
  • Dissolve in water.
  • Apply with a hand watering can or garden sprayer to slightly damp soil and soak down to the roots.


Coverage area

Outdoor flowering plants: apply every 2 weeks - 5ml (1 tsp) in 2 liters of water
Indoor flowering plants: Apply every 4 weeks - 5ml (1 tsp) in 4 liters of water


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