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African Violet potting mix

African Violet potting mix

Fafard SKU:PVF05


  • Favours an abundant and bright bloom with a beautiful foliage
  • Promotes vigorous root growth for healthy plants
  • Enriched with fertilizers containing essential nutrients for plant growth
  • Rich in organic matter

African violets prefer well-drained soil and a light texture that promotes air circulation around the roots. The African Violet potting mix is specially designed for potting plants of the Gesneriaceae family such as Saintpaulias (African Violets), Streptocarpus, Episcia and Gloxinia. These delicate plants with very fine roots require a soil rich in organic matter with optimal aeration and water retention.



Coverage area

Diameter pot - Approximate Capacity
10 cm (4 in) - 0.5 litre
20 cm (8 in) - 3-4 litres
30 cm (12 in) - 9-10 litres
40 cm (16 in) - 22-25 litres
50 cm (20 in) - 55 litres


Sphagnum peat moss, black earth (humus), brown peat, perlite, lime, fertilizer, wetting agent

Total Nitrogen (N) - 0.9%
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) - 0.05%
Soluble Potash (K2O) - 0.1%
Minimum Organic Matter - 35%
Maximum Moisture - 55%
Ethoxylated Alkylphenol - 0.02%*
* AquaGro 2000M, Registration Number 2007011A Fertilizer Act

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