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Natural fertilizer for tomatoes and vegetables 4-5-7+5% calcium - Botanix NATUR

Natural fertilizer for tomatoes and vegetables 4-5-7+5% calcium - Botanix NATUR

Botanix Natur SKU:BOT45717


  • Helps prevent blossom end rot with calcium
  • Approved for organic cultivation
  • Promotes the production of tomatoes and vegetables
  • Easy to apply, without dilution
  • Contains several trace elements and 50% organic matter

Tomato and vegetable fertilizer 4-5-7 is a 100% natural granular fertilizer based on dried chicken manure.

  • The added dried marine algae contains numerous trace elements which, combined with organic matter, enrich the soil through the diversity of their contributions. Rich, fertile soil encourages the life of microorganisms. These microorganisms then make nutrients easily absorbed by plant roots.
  • Calcium, on the other hand, helps prevent blossom end rot. A combination of ingredients that promotes tomato and vegetable production and provides a good disease resistance.

For maximum yield, apply fertilizer every 4 weeks throughout the entire season.

These products are recognized as compliant for organic farming by OCQV. These fertilizers are made from 80% agricultural residues and do not contain any synthetic elements, which makes it possible to recover agricultural residues and reduce the impacts linked to the use of non-renewable resources.


Coverage area

Application rate:
Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers:
130g (3/4 cup) per m² (11ft²)
33g (3 tbsp) per plant
Lettuce, onions, beans, carrots:
60g (1/3 cup) per linear meter.


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