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Botanix Fertilizer for sod and seedlings 12-24-6

Botanix Fertilizer for sod and seedlings 12-24-6

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  • Makes newly sown grass dense quickly
  • Promotes the establishment of turf grass
  • Apply before or after seeding or laying sod

This granular fertilizer is specially designed to facilitate the establishment of grass seedlings or the successful resumption of turf laying. It promotes the rooting of new sown or sod lawns.

It is best to use a spreader for uniform distribution and to make 2 passes. The first pass perpendicular to the second one, taking care to spread only half of the required quantity in each pass.

In the event of an accidental spill on the lawn, scrape the fertilizer to spread it on the ground.

To speed up the release of nutrients, water your lawn when sowing or installing the turfs and when spreading your fertilizer is done.

Fertilizer can be applied before or after laying the sod.


Coverage area

Apply the fertilizer to the soil at a rate of 3.3kg/100m².
1.8kg covers 54m² (575ft²)


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