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Liquid insecticide oil spray for dormant trees

Liquid insecticide oil spray for dormant trees

Produits Supérieurs SKU:373

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent for controlling insects on fruit trees
  • Should be combine with lime sulphur
  • No danger for bees
  • Convient aussi pour rosiers, arbustes et certains conifères

Oil spray kills over-wintering insects on trees, fruits or ornamental shrubs. Such as red mites, leafrollers. The dormant oil spray is an insecticide applied when the plants are in the dormant stage, without leaves. Some insects survive harsh winter by hiding underneath the trees and bushes bark or on their branches. They begin to develop the very second the temperature rises. It is precisely at this moment that it is recommended to apply the treatment. Eggs and larvae will be coated with the mixture and deprived in oxygen. This treatment has no or few impacts on the amicable insects like bees since most of them are simply not present when the mixture is applied. It is also efficient to control other insects and diseases.



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Mineral oil 97%

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