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Fall lawn care

Fall is the best time to seed and fertilize your lawn. Like any other plants, your lawn gets the water and minerals from the soil. Grass, which has all the nutrients it needs, is more resistant to wear and tear, cold, pests and disease.

Adjust the blade height and remove fallen tree leaves

A shorter lawn with no leaves on its surface ensures that the compost nourishes the soil and grass seeds take root. Clearing leaves and sticks will prevent wet foliage from suffocating the turf. Adjust the last mow at 5 cm.

Air out to reduce the spread of weeds

Aeration at the end of the season makes the soil more porous and allows air and water to reach the roots. It also allows the soil to fight weeds.

Topdress with enriched topsoil

Spreading enriched topsoil or compost nourishes and loosens the soil. It helps grass turf seeds to take root while reducing weeds. Cover surfaces with about 2 centimeters of quality potting soil.

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Overseed damaged areas

For a thicker lawn, reseed damaged areas. Every two or three years, cover the entire area. This exercise increases the density of the lawn and prevents bare areas from being invaded by weeds. It is therefore a natural method to fight against their proliferation.

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Watch for insects and treat against grubs

The larvae continue to develop by feeding on the grass roots. They burrow deep into the ground around the beginning of October to overwinter. An application in mid-September is therefore important to minimize the impact of the larvae the following spring.

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Apply fall fertilizer - Step 4

Fall fertilizations is the most important step to get the grass is ready for winter. It helps maintain your lawn's root health and replenish nutrients that will kick-start your grass the following spring.

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Install a winter protection cover

To protect the curbside lawn from abrasives like sand, gravel, and salt, use a winter cover. Not only will your lawn better resist the cold and regain its beautiful green colour more quickly, but spring cleaning will be faster.