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Chervil 'Curled' - Seeds

Chervil 'Curled' - Seeds

W.H. Perron SKU:69-2510-701


  • Untreated seeds
  • Sowing date: May and August
  • Sowing depth: 5 mm

Chervil is easy to grow and will bring you an abundant production if it sits in a humid soil, in the shade. It is quite appreciated in cuisine to complete many types of dish, such as soups, salads, sauces, meats, etc. Growing method: - Sow directly in the garden or in your pots. - Lightly cover the seeds with potting soil, as they need light for germination. - Easy to grow, chervil has a higher yield in moist soil and shade. - For continuous production, do successive sowing.


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