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Radish watermelon 'Rido Red' - Seeds

Radish watermelon 'Rido Red' - Seeds

W.H. Perron SKU:69-8077-502


  • Untreated seeds
  • Sowing date: End June and August
  • Sowing depth: 6 -10 mm
  • Days to maturity after seeding: 60
  • Fruit shape: Round

The watermeon radish has a ball-shaped root that can reach 10 cm in diameter. Its green external color fades to white. When cutting a watermelon radish, you will find a nice red flesh just like a watermelon. The taste is delicate with a sweet and mild flavor. Excellent in salads, as a garnish or when cooking Asian dishes. Growing method: - Sow from summer (in spring, the plant risks going to seed). - Thin the plants to 10 cm. harvest when the radishes reach a diameter of 6 to 10 cm.


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