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Oriental vegetable 'Bok Choï' - Seeds

Oriental vegetable 'Bok Choï' - Seeds

W.H. Perron SKU:69-2693-502


  • Treated seeds
  • Sowing date: May and August
  • Sowing depth: 5 mm
  • Days to maturity after seeding: 35
  • Fruit colour: Dark green

Dwarf Pak Choï with compact and tight body. Very uniform with dark green, wrinkly leaves and thick white stems. It will grow about 10-12 cm tall and has high heat and cold tolerance. Add it to your sautés or have it as a side dish. Growing method: - Ideal for a small space and undemanding culture. - For a continuous harvest, sow every 2 to 3 weeks. - Bok choi is a fast-growing vegetable so it is possible to sow until the end of summer. - Leaves and stems are edible.


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