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Lime sulphur

Lime sulphur

Produits Supérieurs SKU:375

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent for controlling insects on fruit trees
  • Should be combine with dormant oil
  • No danger for bees
  • Convient aussi pour rosiers, arbustes et certains conifères

The sulfur mixture or lime sulfur is applied when the plants are in the dormant stage, therefore without leaves. It is combined with dormant stage oil. Several insects resist our harsh winters by hiding under the bark or on the branches of trees and shrubs. So as soon as the temperatures warm up, they start to grow. It is precisely at this time that an application of this treatment is recommended. Insect eggs and larvae will be coated and deprived of oxygen. This treatment will have little or no impact on beneficial insects, such as bees, as most are simply not present at the time of treatment. It is also effective in controlling several insects and diseases. Combining oil and sulfur mixture is an excellent preventative treatment against insects and diseases on fruit trees, rose bushes and ornamental plants. Read the label before use.


1 L

Coverage area


Calcium polysulfide 23%

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