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Celery 'Tango' - Seeds

Celery 'Tango' - Seeds

W.H. Perron SKU:69-2035-501


  • Organic seeds
  • Sowing date: March and April
  • Sowing depth: 3 - 5 mm
  • Days to maturity after seeding: 90

A superb variety of celery in an apple green colour. Its stalks are smooth and crunchy with no bitter taste. Crop assured even during periods of heat. Growing method: - Sow indoors 8-10 weeks before transplanting outdoors. - Use a heat mat for the first 2 to 3 weeks of germination (21 to 24⁰c). - Once two true leaves appear, reduce the temperature between 16 and 21⁰ c. - Transplant into the garden from mid-May to mid-June. - Need a constant supply of humidity throughout the season for good flavor and optimal yield.


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