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Bobbex Concentrate deer and rabbit repellent

Bobbex Concentrate deer and rabbit repellent

Bobbex SKU:CCON095


  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy to apply
  • Harmless to all wildlife
  • Harmless to humans, your dog or cat
  • Will not wash off in rain

One of the most effective deer repellents on the market. Based on natural ingredients, the deterrent odor reduces and prevents damage caused by grazing on outdoor ornamental plants. Repels some rabbits and hares from grazing and eating plants in your garden. This repellent is ecological and safe for people, dogs or cats, birds and wildlife. Dilute the concentrate in water, respecting the doses. Stir lightly and apply directly to the surface of the foliage to repel animals. Spray dry plants enough to cover surfaces on both sides.


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