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Botanix Granulated Dolomitic Lime

Botanix Granulated Dolomitic Lime

Botanix SKU:CHABO15


  • Improves the structure of heavy soils
  • Neutralizes the pH of overly acidic soil
  • Easy to use

Dolomitic lime increases the soil's calcium and magnesium content, essential nutrients. It improves the structure of heavy soils. The granules dissolve quickly in the soil.

Granular lime is used to neutralize the pH of overly acidic soil. Very popular with gardeners, it mobilizes fertilizing elements during the season and facilitates the absorption of nutrients present in the soil. The quantity to apply is determined following a soil analysis. When the pH is below 6.0, liming is necessary.

Instructions for use and use:

For uniform distribution, use a spreader and make 2 passes: the first, perpendicular to the second, taking care to spread only half of the required quantity in each pass.


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