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Sweet and Hot Peppers: a rainbow of colours

Here is a list of our favourites

What is your fancy? Sweet and small peppers or explosive heat in hot chili peppers?
Before choosing a particular variety, consider the number of days from transplanting into the garden to maturity, always taking into consideration your hardiness zone.
Common nameColour Maturity Scoville scaleDescription
Carmen PepperBrilliant red75 days0Long fruit (15 cm), narrow and sharp-ended.
Sweet taste.
Good yield.
Lunchbox Snack Mini PeppersRed, yellow, orange75 days0Small, pretty fruits 6 to 8 cm long, sweet and delicious.
Excellent choice for container growing.
Mild Hungarian Banana PepperYellow 65 days0Long fruit (15 to 20 cm), pointed and curved like a banana.
Short maturity.
Sweet Chocolate PepperChocolate brown75 days0Dark red skin.
Pleasant sweet taste.
Three to four lobes.
Gourmet PepperOrange 85 days0Fruits with four or five lobes, juicy and sweet.
Compact plants bear four or five fruits.
Sweet Paprika PepperRed 72 days1Elongated fruit with thin skin.
Easily dried.
El Jefe Jalapeno PepperRed 90 days5Conical fruits 5 to 7 cm long.
Good yield.
Super Chili PepperRed 75 days8Short and slender fruits.
Semi-compact, productive plants.
Cayenne PepperRed 75 days8Long, tapered fruits, slender and pointed.
One of the most popular hot peppers..
Habanero Orange PepperBright orange100 days10Fruit 4 cm long in the shape of a lantern.
Habanero peppers (also called Caribbean) are among the hottest of the hot peppers.