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In the shade of the big boys

Does the thought of struggling to create a shade garden strike fear, or even terror into your heart? If so, you'll be heartened to know there is now such a plethora of new shade plants with surprising forms and colours on the market, that you'll soon be "made in the shade."

Yes, you can now let your imagination run wild in the shadows: a lack of sunlight can no longer hold you back from creating an original, personalized shade garden.

This arrangement is an interesting option for a low light transition area - a narrow passage between two buildings or a tucked away corner, for example.

As the days turn into seasons, the plants transform and affirm their distinctive characteristics. The judicious choice of plants no doubt underlies the success of this little shade garden.

Plant list

1 Heuchera "Obsidian"
2 Heuchera "Lime Rickey"
3 Filipendula ulmaria "Variegata"
4 Dicentra formosa "Luxuriant"
5 Dicentra formosa "King of Hearts"
6 Astilbe arendsii "Beauty of Ernst"
7 Chelone obliqua
8 Hydrangea macrophylla "Light-O-Day"
9 Hosta "Striptease"
10 Sorbaria sorbifolia
11 Quercus rubra