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Design your container arrangements


One word sums up a successful and stunning combination design: proportions. Something with height + something for the middle + something that spills a little over the edge = the thriller, filler, spiller concept.

Think of the thriller as the star of the arrangement, the focal point. Vertical interest is a must, a plant with an upright growth habit. Tall plants that require climbing structures are great candidates too. Thrillers should have a bit of a wow factor. Bold shapes and striking colours work wonders.

The filler can be a single plant or a combination of plants. The filler is essentially a decorative ground cover, and your choice of fillers will depend on how you want to compliment or contrast the thriller. Tip: bright colours for filler plants tend to make the container look larger, whereas darker colours will retreat into the shade.   

Spillers are cascading elements. They can spill over the edge of your container just a little or have long, trailing habits. They can be flowering plants or foliage plants.