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Blueberries - Cultivars to discover

There are blueberries to satisfy every taste and to suit all growing conditions…or nearly! Here are a few varieties to discover that we believe will quickly find a place in your garden, and on the table! 

Chippewa Blueberry

Hybrid variety with mid-season production. Compact plant with a vigourous, upright growth habit. Exceptional cold-hardiness and yield. Berries are medium to large, firm, pale blue and very sweet. Excellent choice for colder climates. Height: 1.4 m; Width: 1 m.

Giant Patriot Blueberry

Mid-season variety with a vigourous, open, bushy habit. This blueberry is extremely hardy and incredibly productive! Ideal for northern climates where the soil is heavier. Fruits are firm, medium blue and very sweet. July harvest. Crop starts heavy, then tapers off. Foliage turns orange in the fall. Height: 1.5 m; Width: 50 cm.

Pink Popcorn Blueberry

Hardy and compact variety. Flowers are white and appear in May and June. Berries are packed with flavour. They may look different, creamish to pink with a darker pink blush, but they really do taste like blueberries! Harvest early to mid-summer. Foliage turns a gorgeous red in the fall. Height: 1.5 m; Width: 1.5 m.

North Country Blueberry

Fast-growing hybrid variety. Berries are small, dark-blue, sweet, and with the same exceptional flavour of wild blueberries: incredibly delicious! Harvest mid-season. Foliage turns bright red in the fall. Height: 60 cm; Width: 90 cm.

Northblue Blueberry

Very hardy, compact mid-season variety with high yields of large, firm, dark blue and delicious berries. Northblue is a prolific bloomer with white, pink-tinged flowers. Plants are vigourous, though they tend to produce a large number of suckers. Well-suited to colder climates where snow accumulations can be significant. Foliage turns yellow through red in the fall. Height: 1.2 m; Width: 1.2 m.

Northland Blueberry

The most cold-hardy highbush variety. Plants are dense and vigourous, and produce a large number of suckers. Medium-sized, firm, pale-blue berries arrive mid-season with wild berry flavour and a high sugar content, making them ideal for jams and baking. Height: 1.4 m; Width: 1.4 m

Patriot Blueberry

An early-season variety with excellent hardiness and high yields of large, aromatic fruit. Plants are vigourous with an open spreading habit. Berries are medium blue, large, firm, and absolutely delicious fresh or cooked. Yields taper off as the season progresses. Good choice for colder climates or heavy soils. Foliage turns fire-red to orange in the fall. Height: 1.5 m; Width: 1.5 m