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A sunny patio

A carefully designed patio integrates your garden with the interior of your house. It's not merely a passageway. When we eat there, relax, or simply contemplate nature, it provides us with all the comforts of indoor living – plus the freshness, vista and perfumes of the plant world!

Just look at the beautiful terrace in the backyard of this suburban home - obviously the work of a plant lover, this garden gradually reveals its secret treasures as the year unfolds. Notice the colour palette of the materials: pleasing, but neutral enough to serve as a backdrop to the spectacular floral display, instead of competing with it. Clay pots - some including subtle motifs - discreetly add to the composition's charm with restrained pinks, browns, greys and mauve. Volumes and masses are carefully juxtaposed to avoid clutter and ease circulation. Instead of a riot of varieties, large groups of few species have been carefully positioned. Too many colours and textures distract the eye and the mind.

Plant list

1 Abutilon bella
2 Rosa "Carefree Delight", sur tige
3 Pennisetum setaceum "Red Head"
4 Miscanthus sinensis "Strictus"
5 Hibiscus syriacus "Blue Bird"
6 Bougainvillea buttiana
7 Hibiscus syriacus "Diana"
8 Sidalcea "Party Girl"
9 Hemerocallis "Which Way Jim"
Hemerocallis "Time Lord"
Hemerocallis "Forty Second Street"
10 Gypsophila
11 Hosta "Fragrant Bouquet"
12 Hemerocallis "Ida's Magic"