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A medley of vivid colours and lavish hues

In landscaping design, shrubs rule the garden bed as they show off their toothed, scalloped, tapered and lobed foliage. They proudly display a wide array of colours ranging from bright hues to half tones and from soft pale tones to darker shades. The perennials start things off by flaunting their attributes.

From spring to fall, you will delight in the captivating floral array of pinks, whites and yellows that come aglow together or bloom in rapid succession - an enchanting view that is never overpowering. The medley of vivid colours and lavish hues bring a soft contrast of textures to this garden bed.

This staid and contrasting garden bed combines a mixture of shrubs and perennials that do well, both in full sun and partial shade. Plants evolve in a variety of shapes and textures as they aptly grow and stake their ground.

Plant List

1 Salix integra "Flamingo"
2 Picea pungens "Thume"
3 Heucherella "Kimono"
4 Hemerocallis "Stella Supreme"
5 Fragaria "Rosalyne"
6 Sambucus nigra "Black Lace"
7 Anemone multifida "Rubra"
8 Thuja occidentalis "Smaragd"
9 Hydrangea paniculata "Hayes Starbust"
10 Physocarpus "Coppertina"
11 Hydrangea paniculata "Quick Fire"
12 Rhododendron "C. Bourseault"
13 Pinus nigra "Arnold Sentinel"
14 Juniperus virginiana "Blue Arrow"