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When and how to plant a shrub

Attractive, shrubs are low-maintenance and an easy way to create an intimate, attractive backyard.

When to plant shrubs

As most shrubs are sold in pots, they can be planted just as well in the spring as in the summer or fall. When planting, container plants are less susceptible to shock during transplanting, as their roots are not disturbed.

How to plant shrubs

  1. Dig a hole 5 cm wider and deeper than the pot.
  2. Mix garden soil, bone meal and peat moss well with the existing soil and placed at the bottom of the hole.
  3. Add water.
  4. Place the shrub in the hole. Make sure the best side is facing where you want.
  5. Fill in the hole, packing down lightly.
  6. Water again.

Planting distance:

Do not to plant shrubs too close together! Follow the growers recommended planting separation instructions.


Water regularly and thoroughly during the first few weeks after planting.

  • If you plant in the spring, water generously once a week.
  • If you plant in summer, water twice weekly.

When to fertilize and what fertilizer to use?

  • May till the end of June: fertilize with BOTANIX 15-5-15 shrub and tree fertilizer.
  • August: fertilize with BOTANIX 4-8- 16 fall fertilizer. This will help to strengthen the stalks before winter arrives.

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