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Strawberries: varieties to discover

Flavours that are either sweeter or slightly more acidic, fruits that are either firmer or juicier, white, bright red or deep red…the mouth-watering possibilities of the hundreds of strawberry varieties available are literally ripe for exploration! Here are a few.

Albion strawberry

Day-neutral variety with excellent hardiness and good yields. Fruits are bright red, sweet-tasting, large and firm. Best variety for planting in pots.

Keoki White Strawberry

'Specialty'variety of hybrid strawberries that produces small white berries with red seeds on the outside and literally exploding with flavour. Bred to produce flowers and fruit continuously from summer into fall.

ʹChamblyʹ Red Strawberry

June-bearing, Nordic-type mid-season variety with excellent cold-hardiness and high yields of deep red, sweet-tasting firm fruit. Biconical berries of a uniform size, they are easy to pick and hull. Bred specifically for Southern Quebec conditions!

Jewel Strawberry

Hybrid, June-bearing variety popular for producing large, deep red fruit. Low-growing plants are resistant to most strawberry plant problems. Berries are juicy, glossy, firm and sweet, and excellent for eating fresh or made into jam. Regularly on the Top 10 list of favourite strawberry plants!