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Liven up your summer dishes with our fresh garden herbs

At any time of the day or evening, fresh herbs are useful to complement our meals… from the morning steaming cup of tea to the loveliest evening cocktails, herbs can be a valuable source of inspiration!

Everyone has their favorite, sprinkled here and there. Basil, parsley and cilantro are among the most popular. Rosemary and mint, with its multiple varieties, are also essential 'must-have'. For a touch of sweetness, the stevia plant is less widely-known, but certainly deserves all our attention.

So here are some tips to enjoy the most full-flavoured summer meals ever!


Cultivation and maintenance:

Rosemary is a plant that thrives in full sun or in semi-shaded places, protected against strong winds. The plant can reach up to 50 cm high. It needs only moderate watering and is easy to take care of. Rosemary will grow as a small charming shrub in your vegetable garden, but you can also enjoy it in readily-accessible containers to add its aromatic perfume to all your dishes.


Absolutely perfect in your best BBQ recipes, rosemary will enhance the flavour of any meat. It will add its aroma to marinades and salad dressings. For fun and tasteful presentations, garnish your cocktails with rosemary sprigs. A sure hit for all gin-and-tonic lovers!


Cultivation and maintenance:

Mint is a massive plant which can become a vigorous spreader. Plant it in a fairly large semi-shaded area. When the plant reaches maturity, it can be as tall as 60 cm. Cultivated in tubs and containers, window boxes or in the garden, mint will perfume your summer with its soft fragrant scent!


Mint is your salads'best friend for flavourful lunchtimes!

Blended in a green-olive tapenade, mint will bring summer freshness to your cocktail hour, and your evening homemade mojitos will make your guests very minty-happy!


Cultivation and maintenance:

Planted in open ground or kept inside your home on a windowsill, stevia (also known as the sugar plant) is easy to care for. Stevia grows best in soils that are moist and rich in organic matter. Just like basil, this plant is not frost tolerant- it needs a warm and sunny environment. With a touch of love and water, you can now satisfy your sweet tooth at any time of the day!


A native plant of South America, stevia offers a foliage that tastes just like sugar, while containing virtually no carbohydrates and calories. Since it can advantageously replace artificial sweeteners like sucralose, acesulfame-potassium and aspartame, stevia is the perfect natural sweetener for human consumption.

Stevia is perfect to sweeten your cool drinks (lemonade), as well as your favorite hot infusions (coffees, teas, herbal teas). Stevia leaves can also be consumed fresh or dried. When dehydrated, stevia leaves can be powdered and easily added to pudding, yogurt and gravy.

Is there a better way to enjoy summer than letting our tastebuds be conquered by fresh aromatic plants grown in our home garden? Spread happiness and joy around your house with our lovely fresh garden herbs!