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Due South

Creating a flower bed exposed to the sun more than six hours a day is a stimulating and rewarding experience. Whether you’re looking for shrubs, perennials or annuals, the choice couldn't be larger. Nurseries overflow with plants that love a full day of sunlight.

This flowerbed - with its dominant reds and pinks - has more shrubs than perennials. The intensity of the contrast between the warm and cold colours is softened by the delicate presence of blue.

This composition - essentially composed of easily grown plants - would be ideal for the façade of a townhouse. The rich coloured plants, red in particular, would attract the eye and welcome us if they were placed near the entranceway.

Plant List

1 Nepeta faassenii "Six Hill Giant"
2 Rosa "Abbotsford"
3 Hemerocallis sp
4 Armeria maritima "Alba"
5 Weigela florida "My Monet"
6 Gypsophila paniculata "Snowflake"
7 Rosa "De Montarville"
8 Sorbaria sorbifolia "Sem"
9 Hydrangea paniculata "Quick Fire"
10 Berberis thunbergii "Rose Glow"
11 Celastrus scandens
12 Hibiscus syriacus "Blue Satin"
13 Taxus cuspidata "Capitata"