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Cucumbers: varieties to grow

Fresh and delicious, cucumbers can be enjoyed on their own, in salads and even cooked! Full of fibre, they are the darlings of our vegetable gardens. Cucumbers are a climbing plant. You can let it run on the ground or climb on a support or trellis.

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Some varieties to try

For a good all-around slicing cucumber:

  • Marketmore 76
  • Tourne-Sol Field cucumber
  • Straight Eight
  • Burpee Hybrid II
  • Bristol

An awesome burpless slicer:

  • Sweet Burpless Hybrid
  • Telegraph

For a small garden or to grow in a pot:

  • Spacemaster,
  • Burpless Bush
  • Bush Champion
  • Peticue

For a Japanese-style cucumber:

  • Suyo Long
  • Burpless No 26
  • Sweet Success

For delicious homemade pickles:

  • Homemade Pickle
  • Mathilde
  • Pickalot Hybrid
  • Arabian

Planting Tip:

Tall, trellised cucumber vines will shade other crops, so plant them along the north side of your garden, since the sun is usually coming from the south.

Garden companions:

tomatoes, spinach, basil, cabbages, marigold, thyme


Cucumbers contain an as-yet unidentified compound that a percentage of folks find makes them "gassy." "Burpless" cucumbers cause less burping among taste-testers.