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Choose your strawberry plants

Growing your own strawberries is really not that difficult, and these hardy perennials are grown in virtually all temperate climates. You can choose to grow them from seed, or buy small plants ready to transplant. Buying your plants definitely represents the easier option. There are basically three types of plant to choose from: ever-bearing, June-bearing, and day-neutral. Choose a variety that suits your taste and requirements, and one that is appropriate for the growing conditions you can offer.

Everbearing strawberries (remontant)

Plants produce a big crop of small strawberries in the spring, a few berries during the summer, and another smaller crop in late summer or early fall. Cooks and culinary enthusiasts love them!

June-bearing strawberries (non-remontant)

For these day-length sensitive berries, fruit production occurs all at once over a period of one to three weeks. They produce the largest strawberries and are the most popular. June-bearers are further classified into early, mid, and late-season varieties (see below).

  • Early-season varieties: Plants produce fruit from the beginning to the end of June. Cultivars include: Annapolis, Clery, Wendy, and Veestar.
  • Mid-season varieties: Plants produce fruit from mid-June to mid-July. Cultivars include: Chambly, Généreuse, Jewel, Kent, St-Jean d'Orléans and Saint-Pierre.
  • Late-season varieties: Plant produce fruit from the beginning to the end of July. Cultivars include: Albion, St-Laurent, and Seascape.

Day-neutral strawberries (perpetual)

Insensitive to day length, plants will produce buds, fruit and runners as long as the warm weather lasts.